admin May 13, 2020

While many of you are staying indoors due to the COVID-19, there are times when you need to step out either to purchase groceries or because of a medical emergency. Now the question in place is that along with practicing hand hygiene, should you change your clothes too, after coming back from outside?

Though there has been no definite proof that COVID-19 thrives on clothes or not, but it is said to survive on several different surfaces. It can live up to 24 hours on surfaces like cardboard, while it can survive up to three days on plastic and steel.

Though clothes come under the category of porous materials but the transmission through clothes is less likely. You might get infected if your clothes catch the droplets or brush a surface which has these infected droplets and you touch your clothes and then your hands contact your nose or mouth. The above situation is very unlikely to happen in general.

You can change your clothes after coming back home but make sure you do not turn hysterical. It is always good to take some precautions but losing your sanity in the process is not the right thing to do.

  • Still, as it is said ‘precaution is better than cure’, you can take the following steps to ensure you are safe from contacting the virus in all ways:
  • Change your clothes if you have returned from a public place or you think you brushed a surface which is touched by many. For example, poles, walls or shelves.
  • Change your clothes if someone has coughed or sneezed near you.
  • Wash your hands before changing clothes as well as after changing clothes.
  • If you feel like, wash your clothes separately in warm water by using a normal disinfectant.

You can take the above precautions only if you feel like. There has been no claim of the virus living on clothes and thus, we cannot say whether COVID-19 spreads through clothes or not.

Ref URL – https://bit.ly/2T0C0PG