SSB Syllabus

1. The course is conducted throughout the year. New technique starts every Monday. Details of schedule are as under:-

A. First Monday to Friday of the month IO & Psychology.
B. Second Monday to Friday – GTO.
C. Every Saturday – Screening Test.
D. Every Sunday – General Awareness subjects.

Note:  Same programme continues in rotation throughout the year. Sequence of first Monday may change as fixed days are not there in the month.

2. Syllabus completed in 14 days & fees charged only for 14 days.

3. One month (28 days) are given for revision to get all doubts cleared/revise/practice various concepts. No fees charged for revision. This facility is provided only by Kargil Defence Academy.

SSB Training Team

Brig. V D Singh Nirwan (Chairman)
Interviewing Officer & Psychologist
Col. J S Chauhan, YSM (Director)