How to Present Yourself in the SSB Interview

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The SSB interview is a crucial stage in your journey towards becoming an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. While physical and psychological tests assess various aspects, the Personal Interview (PI) is your golden opportunity to showcase your personality and potential directly. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you present yourself with confidence and clarity: […]

Aspiring to serve the nation in the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA)? The path is paved with challenges, but understanding the eligibility criteria for NDA is the first crucial step. This article serves as your comprehensive guide, unraveling the key requirements you need to meet before embarking on your NDA journey. Nationality: Only Indian citizens […]

Aspiring to join the Indian Army, the pride of our nation? The SSB interview awaits, and with it, a battery of questions designed to assess your suitability for this prestigious career. Fear not, for SSB Interview Preparation is your shield! Let’s delve into 50 basic questions commonly asked in the SSB interview, categorized for your […]

In a positive development, the Basin Trials of the Indian Navy’s upcoming indigenous aircraft carrier were successfully conducted at the Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) on Monday (30 November), reports Economic Times.   With the Basin Trials accomplished, the carrier has entered the final phase of development. The stage involved extensive trials of all four LM2500 […]

Due to the BR plan, there is fear in China-Pakistan. India and China held a core commander-level dialogue in the Indian territory of Chushul yesterday for the seventh time. Here, the two countries’ officials once again discussed disengagement, and just before this meeting, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh spoke on China and Pakistan, making a big […]


203-205, Ganesham Tower, Amrapali Marg
Opp. BSNL Tower, Vaishali Nagar,
Jaipur 302021


Kargil Defence Academy is located in Jaipur only. Beware of institutions defaming the name of this prestigious institution in other parts of the country.

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Heartiest Congratulations to Devika Padwal for having got recommended in SSB for TES Navy Entry, a proud moment for us.

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