Army Cadet College is a training center for Indian Army Officers.

The Army Cadet College Wing trains soldiers from the regular Army, the Navy and the Air Force for commission as Officers in the Indian Army. The ACC feeds into the Indian Military Academy. It also offers 3-year degree courses in Science and Humanities. The added advantage that the ACC cadets bring to the Army as Officers are a deep understanding of the soldier life and a consequently a better appreciation of the performance of men. 

The foundation of ACC can be traced to the Kitchener College which was founded in 1929 in Nowgong, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh. The Kitchner College became the ACC in 1960, and in 1964 it moved to Ghorpuri, near Pune to take on the erstwhile OTI (affiliated with OTA Madras). The center was relocated moved in July 1977 to Dehradun, to become a wing of Indian Military Academy. 


How to Get Into ACC?

You have to clear the following stages to be in ACC:

Stage 1 – Written Examination
Stage 2 – SSB
Stage 3 – Medical Examination
Stage 4 – Merit

Stage 1 – Written Examination 
Written Examination is conducted by Army HQ. 


Paper 1General Mental Ability Test (GMAT). MM 300

  1. Reasoning Ability (Verbal) 75 Questions 75X2 = 150 Marks
  2. Non – Verbal Reasoning 15 Questions 15X2 = 30Marks
  3. Numerical Ability 60 Questions 60X2 = 120 Marks

Paper 2Current And General Awareness Test (CGAT). MM-300

  1. India 10 Questions
  2. The World 10 Questions
  3. General Polity 10 Questions
  4. Economic Scene 10 Questions
  5. General Science 10 Questions
  6. Sports 10 Questions
  7. Arts, Culture & literature 10 Questions
  8. The Armed Forces 10 Questions
  9. The Universe 10 Questions
  10. Geography 10 Questions
  11. Health 10 Questions
  12. General Knowledge 10 Questions
  13. Science Research 10 Questions
  14. Fundamentals of Computer 10 Questions
  15. Eminent Personalities 10 Questions

Paper 3Interactive Communicative English (ICE). Test MM-300

Part I – Objective Type Questions 120 Questions. 120X1 120 Marks

  1. Spotting errors 10 Questions
  2. Correcting errors 10 Questions
  3. Direct Indirect Narration 10 Questions
  4. Vocabulary Test 10 Questions
  5. Spelling Test 10 Questions
  6. Cloze Test 10 Questions
  7. Sentence Improvement Test 10 Questions
  8. Sentence Completion 10 Questions
  9. One Word Substitution 10 Questions
  10. Idioms 10 Questions
  11. Use of Articles 10 Questions
  12. Use of prepositions 10 Questions

Part II Descriptive Type. 180 Marks

  1. Essay (300 words) 60 Mks
  2. Letter 30 Mks
    Letter to relative(s) or friend(s).
    Application to civil authority to solve a problem.
    Report to the editor of a News Paper.
  3. Comprehension 30 Mks
  4. Story Writing 30 Mks
  5. Short Notes (two short note of 50 words each to be written from a given choice of 5 to 6 topics) 2X15 = 30 Mks

Paper 4Academic Content Test (ACT). MM 300.

I. Section ‘A’-Mathematics 50 Question (50X2=100 Marks)

  1. Arithmetic 10 Questions
  2. Algebra 10 Questions
  3. Mensuration 5 Questions
  4. Trigonometry 10 Questions
  5. Geometry 10 Questions
  6. Statistics and Probability – 5 Questions

II. Section ‘B’ – General Science 50 Questions

  1. Physics 15 Questions
  2. Chemistry 15 Questions
  3. Biology 15 Questions
  4. Miscellaneous – 15 Questions

III. Section ‘C’ – Humanities 50 Questions

  1. History 15 Questions
  2. Geography 15 Questions
  3. Pol Science 15 Questions
  4. Economics 15 Questions 

Stage 2 – SSB

Please see the details under SSB Course on our website. 

Stage 3 – Medical

It is assumed that being a soldier, you should be physically fit and it may be a formality in your case.  

Stage 4 – Merit

It is advised that you must do well in written and SSB so that you get at least more than 50% marks to be sure in merit. 

Eligibility (ACC)


Date of Next Batch

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    About Kargil Defence Academy

    AIM of Kargil Defence Academy is to train and motivate youths to join Defence Forces as an Officer. Armed Forces have shortage of more than 13000 Officers and Kargil Defence Academy is trying its best to contribute to overcome this deficiency by providing selfless service. It is a registered education institute by Registrar Sansthan, Jaipur. On a popular demand, KDA has also started courses and training for soldiers in all three services.


    VOLUNTARY, non-political, educational movement for young people, open to all without distinction of origin, race or creed.


    OUR QUALITY is being monitored by highly battle experienced team of Officers consisting of Ex-GTO, Trained Psychologist and Interviewing Officer.


    LIVE EXPOSURE provided by the academy to train candidates for Officers’ cadre in both Written and SSB interviews as well as to join any Corporate Sector.


    203-205, Ganesham Tower, Amrapali Marg
    Opp. BSNL Tower, Vaishali Nagar,
    Jaipur 302021


    Kargil Defence Academy is located in Jaipur only. Beware of institutions defaming the name of this prestigious institution in other parts of the country.

    Our Team of Experts Have Proved It Once Again That We Are The Best!

    Heartiest Congratulations to Devika Padwal for having got recommended in SSB for TES Navy Entry, a proud moment for us.

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