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The domain name is registered under the name of Kargil Defence Academy – A Unit of OVVS, formed with its registered office at Ganesham Tower, 204-205, Second Floor, Amrapali Marg, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur – 302021 (Rajasthan) India, Phone: +91-141-2359772.


Your use of the website, its tools, and various services are administered by the following terms and conditions (‘Terms of Use’) as applicable to the website. Using this website, you shall be subject to those policies, which apply to the site usage. Just by mere use of the site, you shall be contracting with Kargil Defence Academy. These terms and conditions comprise your binding obligation with Kargil Defence Academy.

For the purpose of these Terms of Use, wherever the context so needs ‘You’ or ‘User’ shall mean any legal or natural person, who has to give his consent for becoming a member of the website through offering Registration Data, while registering on the site as a registered the user through using computer systems. Kargil Defence Academy allows user to surf the website sans registering. However, to get information other than that is available on the website, registration on the site would be compulsory.

The term, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ shall refer to Kargil Defence Academy.

When you employ any of the offered services, you will be subject to the policies, guidelines, rules, terms, and conditions applicable to a specific service. They shall be deemed to be included in these terms of use and shall be regarded as part and parcel of ‘Terms of Use’. We secure the right, at our solitary discretion, to modify, remove or add sections of these Terms of Use, at any point in time. Thus, it is your liability to check these Terms of Use in periodic duration, to update yourself about various changes. Your continual use of site even after the posting of modifications will suggest that You agree to the changes. As long as you abide by Terms of Use, we allow you a non-exclusive, personal, limited, non-transferable privilege to log on and to use the site.

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Service Eligibility:

Use of Kargil Defence Academy website is available only to those individuals, who can enter into a legally binding contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Persons who are held incompetent to enter into a contract by Indian Contract ACT, 1872, including minors, un-discharged insolvents, etc are not entitled to use Kargil Defence Academy website. In case, if you are a minor, you shall not register yourself as a member of the Kargil Defence Academy and shall not trade or use Kargil Defence Academy website. As a minor, if you desire to transact on or use the website, such transaction or use may take place by your parents or legal guardian, who have registered as users on the Kargil Defence Academy website. Kargil Defence Academy secures the right to cease your membership and may turn down your request related to providing you with permission to the Kargil Defence Academy’s site, if it is brought to the attention of Kargil Defence Academy that you are a minor.


Whenever You use the Website or send emails, information, or any other kind of data or communicate to us, You understand and agree that You are communicating with us via e-records and You give consent to communicate through e-records from us on a periodic basis and as and when required. We may either communicate with you via email or may use any other communication mode, electronic mode or otherwise.

Use of the website:

You undertake, agree, and verify that your website usage shall be strictly administered by the following principles of binding nature:

  1. You shall not display, host, upload, publish, update, modify, transmit or share any information that: relates to other person and towards which, you do not hold any right to.
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  3. You shall not try to obtain unauthorized access to any specific feature or section of the website, or any other network or system that is linked to the website, or to any server, network, computer, or to any of services provided on or via our website through password ‘mining’, hacking, or any other illegal manner.
  4. You shall not try to probe, test, or scan any kind of vulnerability of the website, or any network that is linked to the website. Nor you shall try to violate the security or verification measures on any network or website. You may not overturn look-up, trace or seek any information on any other visitor or user of the website, or any customer, user-account that is not owned by you, its source, or take advantage of website or any service or any information that is made available or offered via or through the website, in any way, where the aim is to divulge information, including but not limited to the personal identification or information, except than your own info, as offered for through the website.
  5. You shall not indulged in making any kind of offensive, negative and degrading comments or statements about Kargil Defence Academy or the domain name employed by us or our brand name, including the terms Kargil Defence Academy, or otherwise indulging in any action or conduct that might harm the reputation or image of Kargil Defence Academy, or its suppliers or otherwise blemish or dilute Kargil Defence Academy’s service or trademarks, goodwill related to such service or trade, trade name as may be possessed or utilized by us that duly provide license from Kargil Defence Academy. You give consent that you shall not resort to any action that enforces an illogical or unreasonably huge overload on the infrastructure of Kargil Defence Academy’s website or system of Kargil Defence Academy, or network, or any systems or network related to Kargil Defence Academy.
  6. You give your consent related to not utilizing any software, device, in order to interrupt or put efforts to interrupt with the appropriate working related to the website or any trade that is being taken place on the site, or with any different individual’s utilization of the website.
  7. You may not create headers or otherwise influence identifiers, in order to camouflage the origin of any kind of transmittal or message that you send us via or on the website, or any service provided via or on the website. You may not fake that you are, or you represent someone else, or imitate any different entity or individual.
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  10. From time to time, you shall be liable to provide information related to the services or items offered to be sold by you. In the context, you assume that all information shall be precise in all respect. Neither you shall overstress and nor shall you over-emphasize the aspects of such services or items for the purpose of deceiving other users in any way.
  11. You shall not indulge in advertising to or seeking approval of other users, in order to purchase or trade any services or products, including but not restricted to services or products linked to that being exhibited on the website or connected to us. You may not transfer any unwanted commercial or junk emails, chain letters to other users through the website. It shall be considered as breach of these Terms of Use in order to utilize any information acquired from the website, for the aim of abusing, harming or harassing another person, or in order to advertise, seek, contact or trade to any other person except than us sans receiving our explicit concern on prior basis. In order to safeguard our users from such seeking or advertising, we secure the right to limit the number of emails or messages that may be sent by a user to other users in a span of 24 hours, which we consider suitable in its solitary discretion. You understand that we possess ‘right’ at all times to divulge any kind of information as considered as necessary in order to satiate any law, reasonable government request or regulation. This may incorporate sans limitation, disclosure of any information in relation to the investigation of assumed illicit activity or request related to any illicit activity, or in reply of any lawful court order or subpoena. Besides that, we can divulge any kind of information about you to other government officials or to law enforcement, as we, in our solitary discretion, assume essential or suitable in relation with the investigation and/or declaration of possible crimes, mainly those that may include personal injury.
  12. We secure the right but possess no compulsion to keep an eye over the materials posted on our website. Kargil Defence Academy shall have the right to edit or eliminate any content that in its solitary discretion, breaches or is alleged to infringe any appropriate law, either the spirit or the letter of these Terms of Use. Despite of this right, YOU REMAIN ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT OF THE MATERIALS THAT YOU POST ON WEBSITE AND IN YOUR PERSONAL MESSAGES. Please be informed that such kind of posted Content does not essentially reflect views of Kargil Defence Academy. In no condition, shall we or Kargil Defence Academy presumes or possess any kind of responsibility or accountability related to any Content posted or for any damages, claims or losses that result from the use of Content or display of Content on the Website. You hereby signify and guarantee that you possess all essential rights in and to entire content that You provide, and entire information it includes and that such content shall not violate any rights related to third parties or shall not include any illicit, convoluted or defamatory information.
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Contents Posted on Website:

All graphics, visual interfaces, text, user interfaces, trademarks, sounds, artwork, logos, music and computer code, including but not restricted to the structure, expression, design, selection, ‘look and feel’, co-ordination and arrangement related to Content, contained on the Website is controlled and owned or licensed by us and is protected by trade dress, patent, diverse other rights related to intellectual property, and unjust competition laws.

Excluding as particularly in these Terms of Use, no section of the Website and also no Content may be reproduced, uploaded, copied, posted, encoded, transmitted, publicly displayed, translated, or disbursement related to any manner to any other server, computer, website or any other medium for publication or disbursement or for any marketable enterprise, sans taking our prior approval in written.

You may utilize information related to the services and products that are intentionally made available related to the Website for downloading, provided that You do not eliminate any proprietary notice language in context of all copies related to such documents, utilize such information solely for your private information meant for non-commercial and do not imitate or post such information on any broadcast or any networked computer it in any media, make no alterations to any such information and do not make any kind of extra warranties or representations relating to such documents.

You shall be responsible for any e-mails, photos, notes, billboard postings, opinions, videos, drawings, images, ideas, audio files or any other materials or info transmitted to or posted on the Website. Such content will be our property and You provide us the perpetual, transferable and worldwide rights in such Content. We shall be permitted to, steady with our Privacy Policy as accepted accordingly with applicable law, utilize the Content or any of its aspects for any kind of use forever, including but not restricted to advertising and promotional purposes and in any kind of media, whether devised or now familiar, including the generation of derived works that may comprise the Content, provided by You. You give your consent that any Content you post may be utilized by us, in terms with our Privacy Policy and Rules related to Conduct on Site as mentioned herein, and You are not allowed to any compensation or payment for such use.

Other Businesses:

Kargil Defence Academy does not take accountability for the content, actions, services and products on the Website that are related to third-party websites using APIs of the website, affiliates or otherwise. Besides that, Website may offer links to the third-party websites related to affiliated companies and few other businesses for which, Kargil Defence Academy and we take no accountability for evaluating or examining the services and products offered by them. We and Kargil Defence Academy do not give warranty related to the offerings of, any of these individuals or businesses or the content of such third-party related website. Neither Kargil Defence Academy nor we endorse, in any manner, any third-party website or content, thereof.


We accept links to the Website. You may set up a hypertext link to our website, provided that any link does not imply or state any kind of endorsement or sponsorship of Your site by Kargil Defence Academy and/or us. You must not utilize on your site or in any other manner, any kind of trademark, any material service marks, or other materials that appear on the Website that includes any characters, logos, sans taking our prior approval in writing. You must not create or otherwise include into other third-party website or offer in association with or put adjacent against such a website, any portion of materials or content on the website sans seeking our prior approval in writing.


Breach without restricting other remedies, we may restrict your activity, caution other users about your actions, instantly eliminate Your info, instantly indefinitely/ temporarily terminate or block or suspend your access, or/and decline to provide You the Website access in the situation, but not restricted to:

  • If You breach the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy or other policies or rules, if any;
  • If we are not able to confirm or verify any information provided by you
  • If it is assumed that your acts may create legal accountability for you, us or other users
  • We, at our sole prudence, at any time, may bring back suspended users. A user, who has been blocked or suspended, may not attempt to register or shall not register with us or utilize website in any way, whatsoever until the time, a user is re-instated by us. Albeit the foregoing, in case, if
  • You violate the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use or other policies or rules, we secure the right to recuperate any amount that is owned by You and to resort to any legal action that includes but not restricts to a referral to the appropriate authorities or police for commencing criminal or any other kind of proceedings against You.


You shall assure and hold harmless Kargil Defence Academy, its licensee, owner, subsidiaries, affiliates, group companies and their respective directors, employees, officers and agents from any demand or claim, or acts that includes logical fees of attorney, made by any third party or penalty enforced due to or arising out of Your breach of this Terms of Use, other policies and of course Privacy Policy, or your infringement of any law, regulations or rules, or the rights related to a third party.

Applicable Law:

This agreement shall be administered by and deduced and construed according to the Indian laws. The place concerned with jurisdiction shall be specifically in Jaipur.

Copyright, Trademark and Limitation:

This website is operated and controlled by Kargil Defence Academy and services are sold by it. All materials of this website that includes illustrations, video clips, images, and audio clips are secured by trademarks, rights related to intellectual property, trademark rights that are controlled and owned by us or by those parties, who have licensed their material to us. Materials on website licensed, owned, controlled, or operated by us are exclusively for non-commercial and personal use. You must not try to upload, copy, republish, distribute, post, reproduce, or distribute such material in any manner, including via any electronic means or email, whether indirectly or directly. You must not aid any other entity to do is. Without receiving prior consent of the owner in written, alterations of materials, utilization of materials or any other website or network computer ambiance or utilization of materials for any purpose except non-commercial or personal use, is considered as an infringement of the trademarks, copyrights or other proprietary rights and is strictly prohibited. Any utilization for which You accept any payment, whether in cash or otherwise, is considered as commercial use for the intentions related to this clause.

Copyright complaint:

We value the intellectual property, possessed by others. In case, if You believe that Your work has been imitated in a manner that leads to infringement of copyright, You can let us know at our email address –

Risk of Loss:

All products/services offered on the Website are indicative only and a real offer may be different.

Limitation of Liability:


Our contact: Please send any comments or questions (including all kinds of inquiries not related to the violation of copyright) related to this website to

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    About Kargil Defence Academy

    AIM of Kargil Defence Academy is to train and motivate youths to join Defence Forces as an Officer. Armed Forces have shortage of more than 13000 Officers and Kargil Defence Academy is trying its best to contribute to overcome this deficiency by providing selfless service. It is a registered education institute by Registrar Sansthan, Jaipur. On a popular demand, KDA has also started courses and training for soldiers in all three services.


    VOLUNTARY, non-political, educational movement for young people, open to all without distinction of origin, race or creed.


    OUR QUALITY is being monitored by highly battle experienced team of Officers consisting of Ex-GTO, Trained Psychologist and Interviewing Officer.


    LIVE EXPOSURE provided by the academy to train candidates for Officers’ cadre in both Written and SSB interviews as well as to join any Corporate Sector.


    203-205, Ganesham Tower, Amrapali Marg
    Opp. BSNL Tower, Vaishali Nagar,
    Jaipur 302021


    Kargil Defence Academy is located in Jaipur only. Beware of institutions defaming the name of this prestigious institution in other parts of the country.

    Our Team of Experts Have Proved It Once Again That We Are The Best!

    Heartiest Congratulations to Devika Padwal for having got recommended in SSB for TES Navy Entry, a proud moment for us.

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