Due to the BR plan, there is fear in China-Pakistan. India and China held a core commander-level dialogue in the Indian territory of Chushul yesterday for the seventh time.

Here, the two countries’ officials once again discussed disengagement, and just before this meeting, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh spoke on China and Pakistan, making a big statement on the conspiracies. He indirectly said that China is increasing the dispute for a particular goal. If this statement of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is interpreted correctly in the country’s interest, then two things are clear. First, there is a secret mission of China behind deliberately raising controversy on LAC. Secondly, China’s mission on LAC can also end up in a full-fledged war against India.

The country’s air warriors are ready to display strength against China and Pakistan, but how is the Indian Army preparing for LAC to teach China a lesson? India’s BR plan is ready against China. B, i.e., Bhishma tank, and R is for Rafael.

ZEE NEWS has received information from army sources that the Indian Army has deployed powerful tanks at altitudes of 15 thousand to 17 thousand feet in eastern Ladakh. That is, the Indian Army’s purpose is clear behind taking such a big step that if China dares, then it is likely that China will have to bear the brunt of Bhishma. China is proud that its Chinese T-63 and T-99 tanks are deployed on the LAC, but if China tries to wrestle with India, that may turn into its own destruction story.

China and Pakistan will be defeated by the R plan too

R means Rafael, which is not only scared of China but also Pakistan. Pakistan has been under Rafael’s scare for the last three months. After Bajwa, now the Air Force Chief of Pakistan has expressed the fear of Rafael. He said that India is planning aggressive military action against Pakistan with its Rafael fighter jet.

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