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AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) and INET (Indian Navy Entrance Test) are one of the significant defence services entrance exams conducted by the Indian Defence Forces. These exams consider selection for Tactical, Technical, and Ground Operations streams.


The exams are held in February and August/September every year inviting graduates from all mainstream disciplines. The candidate appearing for AFCAT/INET needs to have at least 60% marks and should be an Indian citizen. The tests are for both male and female candidates and receive applications in large numbers from all across India. It is not an easy job to crack these exams as they have strict eligibility norms and tough examination and screening criteria.


Having a detailed knowledge of the examination and going through the right guidance can be of great help in getting you through with these tests.
Here, you can get much help with this information and tips:

The format of the examination

Mode: Computer-based test
Total no. of questions: 100
Types of questions: Multiple Choice Questions
Exam Duration: 120 minutes
Maximum marks: 300
Negative Marking: -1 for each wrong answer
Sections: Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability, Reasoning, General Awareness, Military Aptitude and English
Walkthrough the syllabus

Before you start arranging for the study material and get ready with your go-ahead plans, you should have a look at the syllabus. This gets you the complete information on the subjects and topics that will be covered in the AFCAT/INET exam, suggesting to you the scope and outline of the tests in detail. This will also get you the idea of how it will be all schemed and set for aptitude screening and criterion marking. So, you have with you the idea of what you should be focusing more on and how to plan and streamline your efforts. This way you will be able to take the right direction and go with an effectual and focused plan of preparation for AFCAT/INET.

Daily reading

While preparing for AFCAT/INET, it is a must for you to keep yourself served and updated with the latest news related to common global affairs and national importance. While doing this make sure you cover all the major news stories, state dialogs, leading personalities, and notable developments in and around all significant subjects and areas like politics, sports, geography, technology, science, literature, entertainment, art and culture, and everything about general awareness.

Keep formulas on your tips

When going for AFCAT or INET exams, you are going to receive a lot of questions that are based on formulas through which the answers are derived. If you miss on to memorize and learn a formula well, you may apply and use it incorrectly. Thereby, fetching the wrong answer which leads to negative marking and loss of an opportunity. Remembering formulas as they are, you get rid of the possible goof-ups and convert your negative attempts into positive ones. And makes a big difference in deciding your results with the exam. Making formula charts, taking notes, revising formulas repetitively can get you to register these in your mind much clearly and lastingly.

English requires practice

English is a subject that has no formulas or strategies to apply and can only be perfected when practiced regularly. To get a better hold on it you should read a lot. While doing this pick up easy and comprehendible news pieces, stories, and lessons. Learn meanings, phrasings, synonyms, grammar, and comprehensions and apply these as you learn. So, you get a better command over the applications, rules, and usages of the language. Just go for more practice, it is the only sure way to achieve better results with the English section.

Solve previous years papers

Solving the previous year’s papers and mock tests can help you get familiar with the scheme, arrangement, and pattern of the paper for AFCAT/INET. This gets you to know how the papers are set for the exams. And you know what kind of questions you are going to be asked and what kind of topics normally appear in the paper. This gets you to build more confidence with your attempt for AFCAT-1 and INET. This gets you to relate and identify with how it feels like and turns out to shoot up for AFCAT and INET.

Follow a routine

No big goals can be achieved without taking up a committed course of action that is built on a dedicated and well-directed routine. To be able to get the most of your INET/AFCAT attempt, you need to design yourself a plan where you would define time slots and targets for your preparation. This will keep your efforts towards your learning and practice streamlined and arranged. So, you get to cover the whole syllabus in time and get to train yourself beyond just the curriculum-based training. To go deep into the fringe elements and gain a comprehensive understanding of the affairs of the exams to keep you ahead as a contender.

Time management is the key

Time plays a decisive role in how you score with your AFCAT-1/INET attempt. Here, the more you write mock tests, the more you are going to gain the idea of how to go about the questions in a time-efficient manner. This gets you to know how to manage time across the question sheet and where you should invest time and where you should not. With more revision and practice, you can develop better time management skills and keep your approach aligned to best respond to the questions and answer them efficiently, optimally utilizing the time in hand.

To Conclude

It is not easy to crack AFCAT or INET without proper planning and focused efforts. You need to follow these expert tips and ideas and implement them right to get you moving in the right direction and achieving your goals. To do this effectively and with great assurance of results take professional help from the best AFCAT coaching center in Jaipur. With this, you will have better chances to get your aim achieved by building your career with the glorious defence forces of India!


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